2014 MAD Creepy Cross and updates!

Hello ya’ll!

Online registration for MAD Creepy Cross on Oct 25 is now live! Please register and let me know your thoughts as I’m still learning this stuff! Very excited to see this event unfold as I coordinate it all!  http://madcreepycross.itsyourrace.com/

By the way, I’ve changed the online registration deadline to Thursday night Midnight – easy to remember!  Good change?  Your patience and feedback is appreciate as I continue to build this company!

I’ve also adjusted the prices to allow racers under 14 race for free and adults to race additional CX races for only $10!

ADDITIONAL CHANGE: The race after Creepy Cross, MAD Wash Cross, is now Nov .9 in Fruita.  It was originally Nov. 8, but I need to move it back a day since I’m out of town (thanks to my first year of clear planning with this events business).  I’m going to Taiwan to participate in the Tour de Formosa and will return Nov. 7, which will not give me enough time to prepare the course.  Online registration will come shortly… Your understanding is appreciated!

2014 MAD Powder Cross Results & Wrap-up!

A’ight ya’ll! This is one tired dude here – 30 personal hours + 70 volunteer hours (most of that came from Zach Huescher at 30 hours, with course clearing, setup, and breakdown) to pull that off. What a fun first event…

Just brushed up results this morning for ya’ll to brag away: 2014 MAD Powder Cross Results

Please share the upcoming events and get more people to come out for the fun races to create more competition! What better way to connect with your peers than racing?!  This will also in turn help fund my company to keep these events going for you guys!  I loved watching your smiles and seeing you got a good workout in!  Stay tuned for the new website so you can get the word out more with ease…

And, thank you volunteers for helping me make my first event go well! What a challenge that was… Looking forward to hosting the 2nd one in October. Hopefully I will have most of the event directing knowledge / skills dialed in by then so I can venture out and play with ya’ll!

Thank you racers for your patience and for acknowledging my efforts… Your support was appreciated! Ya’ll rock!  See you at the next one which is Creepy Cross on October 25!  Dress up for the best costume awards!

LTR Events becomes Mountain and Desert Racing…

Hello ya’ll!  Klishy here…

Sorry about the late update on the latest and the greatest with the LTR Events…  It’s been a whirlwind of craziness the past few weeks since the exchange of owners.

Before August, the LTR Sports and LTR Events had changed ownerships and then on August 7, I pursued the LTR Events to keep what Mike and Kristy Driver had started growing for the Grand Valley.  They had done a fabulous job of introducing cycling racing to the Grand Valley, starting 10 years ago.  However, we all felt it was time to give it more attention and different energy.  Enter Mountain and Desert Racing, LLC (aka MAD Racing)!

I’m excited to be taking up the reins on this “new” baby to bring the quality of races up to the next level for our fast-growing cycling community.  I can see your mind spinning out  the next question: “How am I going to bring these races to the next level?”  Great question – First step is to ensure those races will still take place, starting today to next year and the years to follow for our community by ensuring those special events’ applications are in place and secured ahead of time.  Thus the reason why I’ve been so busy and crazy the last few weeks.  I only had a few weeks to apply for special events permits at the 4 locations throughout the Mesa County’s parks / private properties this coming fall’s cyclocross races and then the 2 mountain bike races taking place on BLM lands next summer (Rumble at 18 Road & Gunny Enduro).  I had turned in the last application last week and I’m very thrilled to be taking that next step, which is… to obtain a timing system that will ensure quality and immediate results posting!  And I have great news… This new toy is coming within the next couple of weeks!  The first race to utilize this awesome tool will be at the Powder Cross (September 20), but I’ll be getting out to test the system and may potentially bring it out to a weekly Wednesday Night CX Clinic to get you guys hyped up!  You will see $5 increase in race entries to cover the costs of operating a timing system on top of the races.  I really strive to keep the costs affordable for the community to participate and I believe that you’ll have a better racing experience overall with the new addition!  Third step is to re-start those weekly CX Clinics to re-establish the CX community and the base for the upcoming CX season – first one is next Wednesday, 09/10/2014, 5:30pm till dark at Canyonview – onsite location will be determined by then.  You don’t have to have a CX bike for these clinics – these skills are actually very handy for mountain bike races and road races as you’ll be honing your balance skills, dismounting and remounting skills, and gaining sense of confidence within yourself!  Fourth step is to get more of the community out to race to create a bigger and more fun atmosphere!

While you’re here, be sure to check out Powder Cross page for updated info and register online now to save some $$.  This will also save me some headache before the day of the race! :)  Feel free to contact me anytime…

For the time being, updated information and posts will be put on this LTR Events website until I get the MAD Racing website up and running (hopefully within the next few weeks)!  Your support is appreciated!

I look forward to seeing your MAD smiles out there…  Race with grace ya’ll!

Gunny Enduro

Ready to test those bike handling skills?  Been working on your fitness?  Have that suspension and tire pressure dialed?

Gunny Enduro will test all that on May 10, 2014.

Enduro racing is a great test of the All Mountain Athlete.  Our course (same as last year) is Gunny Loop.  The course is a point to point, which means you will be starting at the trailhead, and ending at the bottom of the trail, lower down on Little Park Rd. After the finish, you may ride back to the top on the road or another trail. If you want a shuttle back up, you need to arrange that at a parking area. No parking is allowed on Little Park Rd.

All the information you need can be found right here.

Rumble 2014 Final Results are Posted

Thank you everyone for coming out this year!

Thank you as well for your understanding in cancelling the upper portion of the course.  Even with a shortened course, there were several stellar performances.  The top 10 placements in each category earned a ticket to USACycling National Championships!

All the results can be found with this link.

We captured a few podium photos.  We posted them in a few places depending on your social networking preferences.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.763190240366726.1073741831.164017333617356&type=1

Google Plus:  https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/102478561654274521549/photos/+Ltrsports/albums/6004385437492851937



Rumble in 3 Days!

All the Rumble Race Intel can be found at this link!

The course will be marked on Friday.  We are starting in the morning, so most likely it will be completed by early afternoon.

In connection with the race, we are doing a raffle.  Each ticket is $5.  All the proceeds go back to our VERY hard working local trail organization COPMOBA.  The drawing for the bike will be during the awards.   Step up and purchase a few tickets, it’s a great cause!

You are starting the Mountain Bike Season in Grand Junction / Fruita, and we appreciate that.  How about coming back in the Late Summer / Fall!  Our friends at Epic Rides are hosting a great race (I have done it, so it is a real testimonial) Aug 29-31.  More info here!

April 18, 2014 – Desert Clean Up Day!  We are sponsoring a desert clean up day.  The majority of the work will happen between 10a and 3p, but feel free to stop by and pick up a few spent shot gun shells or beer cans any time!  We have provided and paid for a roll-off dumpster to be located in the lower desert at the Rumble at 18 Road Start / Finish Area.  We are putting the word out, but please spread the word with your friends.    More hands always helps.  We are not asking for any huge time commitment, heck, just come out for a ride, pick up debris for 15 minutes, refuel with some H2O, and continue with your ride.

Rumble at 18 Road – 8 days away!

Spring has arrived in Fruita!  Our base layer is now Sunscreen, the desert flowers are blooming, and the 10 day extended forecast is calling for 78 degrees and sunny on race day!

All the race information is right here!

Registration is here!

We do need a couple of volunteers from 7a – 3pm on Saturday the 19th of April.  If you can help us out, we would appreciate it.  Just send Mike an email / text / phone call.

Mike Driver

Rumble at 18 Road – 19 April 2014

Still snow on the ground, but it won’t be long until Spring comes and we all start dressing with sunscreen as our baselayer.

We have been working on a couple of really cool things for the Rumble.


  • USAC Qualifier!  We have been officially selected by USACycling as a qualifier for the USACycling National Championships.  What does that mean?  There are 11 events in the United States that Mountain Bike Athletes can go to to qualify to participate in the USACycling National Championships.  Rumble at 18 Road is the ONLY race in the United States West of the Continental Divide.  Who can register?  Good question, we are open to anyone!  Even if you have never raced, come try it.  Have any questions?  Send them to Mike our race director.  You can email him at mike (at) ltrsports (.) com


  • Rumble at 18 Road is an official stop for the Intermountain Cup!  The ICUP is one of the greatest mountain bike series in the United States.  What does that mean?  We are proud to be selected as a stop on the series!  Do you have to do the entire series?  Nope.  If you only race Rumble at 18 Road this year, you will have accomplished three things:
  1. Had a lot of fun on a really cool course.
  2. Earned yourself an invitation to the USACycling National Championships (place in the top 10 in your category).
  3. Earned points in the Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Series.

That is truly multi-tasking!